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Walt Disney and TVW Channel 7 in Perth

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Walt Disney and TVW Channel 7 in Perth

Walt Disney had a big impact on the fledgling TVW Channel Seven in Perth, Western Australia, by selling them key children’s programs at a most reasonable rate.

Inaugural TVW General Manager Jim Cruthers, and Sales Manager Brian Treasure, ventured overseas, as explained by John Cruthers.

(Sir) Jim Cruthers goes on to explain how things came about.

Key programs were the Mickey Mouse Club, Disneyland and the Wonderful World of Disney.

Then in 1971, the first Disney on Parade arena show produced outside America, was coproduced with TVW.

It was the brainchild of Brian Treasure, who had succeeded in convincing the Disney organisation that Channel 7 could produce and mount, with their cooperation and expertise, a Disney on Parade arena show to tour Australia and Asia.

Michael Edgley, the Bullen Brothers Circus people, and many other smaller investors, joined in to help finance the project.

Naturally there were a lot of Americans involved, with the head of each department designing, costuming, choreography, stage direction and presentation being Americans.

However many Australians, and many Western Australians would join the production in key roles.

The arena show was housed in a giant tent, owned by the Bullen Brothers, the Circus people, which seated, some 5000 people around a huge thrust stage.

This was set up at Perry Lakes, near Perth.

Later, Channel 7 purchased an even bigger tent, that could accommodate 10,000.

Colour television cameras were imported to record the show, using the American colour NTSC system. This was broadcast as “The Wonderful World of Disney”.

At the same time, Michael Goodall, used a 35mm movie camera, to make a record of the 1971 Disney on Parade premier, in Perth.

The tent, was set up in the middle of the training track, at Perry Lakes, the venue used for the 1962, Commonwealth and Empire Games.

Former TVW veteran, Tim Boase kept this footage for over forty years.

The copyright of the Disney content belongs to Disney and brief moments are shown here for historical and educational purposes.

All rights and credits go to the Walt Disney Company.

More information can be found at…

DISNEY ON PARADE an arena stage show for all ages
By Richard Ashton

The recording of Disney on Parade (1971) was broadcast in the USA as “The Wonderful World of Disney” – Season 18 – Episode 9.
This episode aired on 19 December 1971.

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