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STRANGEST Things Found in Storage Units

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STRANGEST Things Found in Storage Units

A bidding war for an abandoned storage unit in Florida had one auctioneer jumping for joy. Inside the ancient storage containment locker was some equipment which had been leftover from NASA. The old equipment had been stored there after the spaced program the previous owners were part of was discontinued and they lost their jobs. Inside the unit, winners uncovered a NASA rocket and countdown clock.

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4 – Human Leg
Shannon Whisnant purchased a storage unit at an auction in 2007, inside he discovered a meat smoker. And inside that smoker of meat, was the amputated leg of a human being. Shannon gave up the severed appendage to the local authorities, who had no idea how to handle an unidentified leg and so, sent the thing off to a funeral home. Turns out that the leg in question belonged to a man named John Wood, who had lost his leg above the knee after a plane crash in 2004. John had been keeping his leg in his storage unit, as he wished to eventually be buried with it, that is until he fell behind on payments and the unit was repossessed by the bank. After a little notoriety from the media, both men wanted that leg, and were willing to fight over it, all the way to TV court. Television court Judge Greg Mathis heard their arguments, before awarding the leg back to its original owner, John Wood.

3 – Nicholas Cage Comic
In 2000, Nicholas Cage filed an official police report stating that an extremely rare comic book, had been stolen from his mansion in Los Angeles. The comic is question was Cage’s prize of his collection, a number one issue of Action Comics, which contained the first appearance of the legendary Superman, which is worth a little over a million dollars. Over a decade passed with no word on the missing comic, that is until one man purchased an abandoned storage locker and discovered a comic perfectly preserved in plastic. The buyer contacted a comic book dealer, who just so happened to be the same person to have originally sold Nicholas Cage the comic many years before. The comic book collector recognized the comic instantly and went about reuniting Nicholas Cage with his prized book of comics. Sadly, due to Cage’s excessive spending, including a private island, a pyramid, a haunted murder mansion, as well as a 67-million-year-old Tarbosaurus skull, he was filing for bankruptcy and had to sell his comic artefact shortly after being reunited with it. It sold for over two million dollars.
2 – Hoard of Organs
In 2012, a storage unit went up for auction which contained body parts from over 100 people, there were brains, lungs, livers, hearts, tissue samples and all kinds of other disturbing organs. The unit had belonged to Dr Michael Berkland, a medical examiner who was fired in 20003 for failing to complete autopsy reports. The remains were discovered in cardboard boxes, packed inside soda cup and plasticware food containers, which were drenched in formaldehyde. The man who made the discovery in Pensacola Florida quickly called police, who later issued warrants for the arrest of Dr Berland, the charges were improper storage of hazardous waste and keeping a public nuisance. The police now believe that the body parts were mainly collected during Dr Berkland’s time in Florida when he conducted private autopsies, which were performed inside several local funeral homes located around Florida, especially the Florida Keys.

1 – Grandma
In 2012, a Florida family learned that their Grandmother, who had died many years before, was never buried, instead, her body was stuffed into a storage unit, where it had been rotting for 17 years. The family only learned of this through a deathbed confession by their mother, Rebecca Ann Fancher. Rebecca’s 95-year grandmother had died in her nursing home after three heart attacks stemming largely from her stage 4 breast cancer. Rebecca’s story, is that bad weather and automobile troubles plagued her attempts to properly lay Anne Brunch to rest. But many in her family maintain that Rebecca, like her mother, is a notorious hoarder. And due to those hoarding tendencies, couldn’t bare to part with her grandmother’s remains.



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    September 9, 2017 at 1:38 am

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