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STRANGEST Places on the Planet

Weird Places

STRANGEST Places on the Planet

Throughout this great massive planet called Earth, there are some spectacular sites, amazing anomalies, interesting happenings, and some just plain bizarre places to go exploring. Here are ten of the strangest, creepiest, most spectacular, hauntingly beautiful and just plain odd places to visit from around the world.

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3 – The Bermuda Triangle
Some call this place, The Devil’s Triangle. The bottom point of the triangle begins at Miami Florida, sliding over to San Juan Puerto Rico, and the two meeting in Bermuda. Inside this 500,000 square miles of Atlantic Ocean, Christopher Columbus once reported a great ball of fire crashed into the sea, and a strange light appeared there a few weeks later. Compasses refuse to work inside these demented waters, often spiraling in an endless circle. To date, 13 aircrafts have encountered unexplainable problems inside this bizarre place. All of which are believed to have crashed. Yet only a few of these wrecked planes have ever been found, most disappeared off the face of the Earth completely, passengers, debris, and all. Over the years, many ships have gone missing in this place, the official record reads 12, but many say this number is actually much higher. Among these missing ships are the Rosalie, the Carroll A Deering, and the SS El Faro. Again most of these ships were never recovered, and even the few that were found, the bodies of the people on board had mysteriously vanished. In 1969, a lighthouse in the Bahamas witnessed a freak hurricane, the following day, both keepers had vanished without a trace. Some Believe The Devil’s Triangle contains some kind of portal or vortex, into another world, or possibly, another dimension.

2 – The Oregon Vortex
Find this peculiar place in Gold Hill Oregon of the United States. Much of this roadside attraction consists of optical illusions and the strange, paranormal properties rumored to only exist in this bizarre place. Local legends say that Native Americans once referred to this site as a forbidden land, as their horses would refuse to enter this mysterious place. Animals still feel uneasy here, and refuse to enter these magnetic coordinates. In certain spots, brooms will stand up on their own, rocks will roll uphill, unseen forces will push and shove one off balance, and people’s heights will become distorted. Some say this land is a whirlpool of force which plays with perspective. Others say that this has to do with the Earth magnetism, which appears to have more sway here than anywhere else in the world. Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, a reality show from the Sci-Fi channel, attempted to debunk this unusual place, their results were inconclusive, because much of which they witnessed here, they were utterly unable to explain. There is another vortex in Montana, as well as Santa Cruz California, but the one in Oregon is said to be the most powerful of all of these gravitational portals.

1 – The Valley of Death
This anomalous zone lies inside Yakutia Russia. Its name stems from a legend of hunters who used several, strange, structures built into the Earth here, which they called boilers from the heat rising from them, to sleep. The first night many fell ill and those who camped here a second night, did not make it out alive. According to writings from the 1800s, on the river bank, whose name means a large cauldron has drowned, these boilers look like giant copper cauldrons built into the ground, they are covered in sand and rocks, and though surrounded by trees, very little grows inside them. In 1971, one eyewitness reported that inside those metal cauldrons, there is a hole which transported him down into the Earth, and inside he found frozen, thin, black, one-eyed people in iron clothes. This man succumbed to a mysterious illness shortly thereafter. Strange, spherical, luminous lights and flying objects are often seen in this area. Though these metallic structures have sunk into the ground, some local tribes have witnessed bright fiery glows, and rasping sounds which shake the ground. Many believe these structures are ancient weapons, possibly left behind by a race far more technologically advanced than our own. In a final expedition, several witnesses claimed to go into the metallic corridors and travel downward, into several underground chambers, which were quite warm, they consisted of several rooms connected by passageways. All of these explorers left this world shortly after their visit to the Valley of Death.



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    El Faro did not disappear; it sunk during hurricane Juaquine (if I spelled that right) and the wreckage was found. The coast guard just released its final report on the cause for the sinking (criminal negligence by the owners and captain as well as violations of working standards for US vessels)

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