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STRANGEST Google Street View Images

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STRANGEST Google Street View Images

From crazy mysterious locations; to bizarre people caught on tape; these are the STRANGEST Google Streetview Images !

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6 – Scuba Men Walk The Streets
This silly prank was conceived back in 2010 and sent the internet howling. What are these strange Scuba Men, and why are they wandering through the Norwegian streets with such vehemence? Turns out this well-planned joke was the brainchild of two friends of a Google Street View car driver from Bergen, Norway. Well aware that the famous car would be passing through the neighbourhood the two hatched a silly plan. Waiting for 20 minutes in their hot under the sea costumes, the two friends giggled in wait. As the famous car turned a corner the two jumped from their hiding places and took to the streets. Their ominous weapons, a rake and an umbrella were to make the image seem even stranger. Well done Norwegian pranksters, this image is one of the silliest Google Maps has ever captured to date.

5 – The Axe Murderer Caught With A Dead Body
Back in 2012, The google street view seemed to show an axe-wielding man skulking around Edinburgh next to what appeared to be a dead body. The images were so real that concerned citizens phoned the police to investigate. Police officers were able to pinpoint the location using Google maps and found an auto mechanic shop in the vicinity. Turns out the dead body was actually the garage manager playing dead and the axe-wielding gentleman was a worker from the shop. Luckily police found humour and no arrests were made, the garage manager conceded that he and an employee had spotted the google street view car coming down the street and came up with the silly prank on the spot. The spur of the moment prank has been confusing and frightening the internet for years now.

4 – Dead Girl With Missing Shoes
This 2008 Google Street photo was snapped in Worchester, England and shows the body of a young left for dead on the sunny streets of a rather suburban neighbourhood. This image had concerned citizens calling local police stations and sounding the alarm, too bad it turned out to be a little girl named Azura Beebeejaun playing dead with her friend. But why are her shoes off and lying next to her? Could this alleged friend have really been up to some sort of foul play? Probably not, but it’s fun to question the obvious.

3 – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
This giant upside down pentagram is a real image from Google Earth, it resides on the shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir in Kazakhstan, a transcontinental country in Northern Central Asia and Eastern Europe. During the glory days of the Soviet, Union Kazakhstan was part of the U.S.S.R. This demonic shape is actually a park which was constructed during communist times in the shape of a star, which was a devoted symbol of the Soviet Union. Nowadays the park is abandoned, however, the strange shape seen from above leaves the location a perfect destination for Satanic worship.

2 – Jack, The Pumpkin King
This eerie street view image comes from Mexico, the official story is that a local resident decided to scare the Google Earth team by wearing a creepy Halloween mask. The image is slightly blurred, so it’s almost impossible to make out what the ghoulish child is cradling in his hands. It’s not just the mask that’s creepy, but that mask is definitely creepy, it’s his sinister gaze and bulky legs which frighten me. And his shadow, look at his shadow! Plus look at that road, where is this kid, out in the middle of nowhere? I sense a murderous disaster about to happen!

1 – Pigeon Holed
How does Japan choose to troll the internet, why with creepy rubber pigeon masks of course. Writers from the Japanese humour site Daily Portal Z managed to get the drop on the Google Street View car as it was making its way through Tokyo. The masks were worn by students in west Tokyo, in flash mob style along the sidewalk, the rubber masks frightened onlookers and almost caused a bike rider to crash as the vehicle flew by, but not before letting out a scream as the pigeoned students turned their creepy gaze on the confused pedestrians. This photobomb from 2013 is creepy and funny, giving it a top place on our silly list.



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    Top 10 Creepiest Things Found in Space (My Suggestion)

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    My neighbor got a bloody nose at a friends house and was walking home dripping blood while one of the google cars was driving by

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    November 28, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    If you go to that star put your curser over it and look at the elevation, the center is 666 ft above sea level.

  11. Ted Kyzenski

    November 28, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    I saw your mom getting slammed by a group of Somali immigrants on Google street View. She looked as though she was enjoying and might do it again.

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    What about the guy who found himself supposedly punching an alien?

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    I hope to put an Arabic translation in the video I really do not understand what they say please

  21. صدى الاحزان

    November 29, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    I hope to put an Arabic translation in the video I really do not understand what they say please

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