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Something Weird The Wrong Rut

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Something Weird The Wrong Rut

Lurking behind this odd title – Is there a right rut? – IDA LUPINO’s uncredited directorial debut collides head on with graphic birth-of-a-baby footage. How? Via the hucksterism of roadshow exploitation and the magic of a splice… Ditzy 20-year-old Sally Kelton (SALLY FORREST) is madly in love with Steve Ryan (Sean’s father LEO PENN), the obnoxious piano player at the Stut’n’Tup nightclub. They date, he tells her he’s leaving town, they do it in the park. Frustrated, Sally leaves home to rendezvous with him only to get the boot. Taking a job at a gas station run by goofy good-guy Drew Baxter (KEEFE BRASSELLE), she starts to date Drew until she faints, is told by a doctor that she’s pregnant, and run off to The Haven Hospital, a home for unwed mothers. There, she has her baby – the delivery scene moodily directed with subjective camera shots- but must give the child up for adoption. Full of regrets, Sally wanders the streets in a daze, sees a baby in a carriage outside a store and… well… decides to borrow him…

– Something Weird

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. johnlouisville

    February 3, 2009 at 6:05 am

    FYI: The man playing the piano is Sean Penn's dad

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