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Showing Wizard Quest 2018 – Wisconsin Dells (Very Awesome Place!!)

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Showing Wizard Quest 2018 – Wisconsin Dells (Very Awesome Place!!)

This is a separate video that I worked really hard on making it for all Wizard Quest related things that I did on my Wisconsin Dells trip! I love this place a lot and I wanted to have a nice cool video to watch back to if I ever wanted to see what it was like in the past! It’s at Wisconsin Dells and how Wizard Quest works is that you can a little iPad thing and you have to solve quests by going into the 4 different realms (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water)! Once you get all your quests done for whichever quest you were doing (there’s easy/medium/hard quests), you would get a 15% of thing for stuff you can get in the shop or at other places near Wizard Quest! The realms are so well designed and they even keep changing it each year! They even got some nice sounding music which you will get to hear part of some of them in this video! I hope this video will make you want to go and check out Wizard Quest at some point! It’s awesome and I do recommend going there! Lastly, there is all these hidden doors and other hidden stuff around the realms to! It’s really cool how there is so much that you can do there! Well I hope you guys will enjoy me showing of Wizard Quest for 2018 and please like and subscribe for more awesome videos in the future on my channel!! 🙂

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. TheLuigiStriker

    April 30, 2018 at 3:43 am

    Wizard Quest is such a great place to go to! I hope at the end of this video it would make you want to go check it out yourself! 🙂 I hope it also gets some nice new changes for 2019! 😀 This took me 5 hours to make so I hope you will enjoy seeing Wizard Quest at Wisconsin Dells! 🙂

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