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Shopkins | Toys Happy Places Go Swimming In The Sea | RaInBoW PoP 7

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Shopkins | Toys Happy Places Go Swimming In The Sea | RaInBoW PoP 7

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What are Shopkins?

Shopkins are characters short by MooseToys. They are also a major toy brand. The characters are examples of daily household items that are sold at stores including health and beauty products, items in the freezer or items in a pantry or hats.

Kids will enter a big world of pint-sized fun with Shopkins™, the new line of super cute, super tiny, grocery-themed collectibles from Moose Toys! Inspired by items from each aisle in the grocery store and housed in adorable shopping bags, each little ‘Shopkin’ will bring non-stop shopping fun to girls this fall. There are more than 140 different characters to collect and trade, including Rare, Ultra Rare, Special and Limited Edition characters that feature special finishes and are grouped by different sections of the supermarket, from Sweet Treats to Frozen Food to Toiletries. Girls can complete their Shopkins experience with grocery store playsets that connect to create the ultimate Shopkins world and have the whole collection of shopkins!


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Hello! Welcome to my toy play channel: Rainbow Pop 7! I’m a huge fan of all things cute, such as Shopkins (and Shoppies Dolls!), Grossery Gang and Barbie! My channel is all about acting out scenes with my awesome toy collection, as well as special episodes based on movie such as Harry Potter, The Boss Baby, Wonder Woman, The Smurfs and much more. If you love this kind of stuff as much as I do then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get down to cuteness!

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