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Ryan Pitterson: The Judgment of the Nephilim, Part 2

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Ryan Pitterson: The Judgment of the Nephilim, Part 2

Genesis 6 is one of the most controversial chapters in the Bible. The original Hebrew language in Genesis 6:4 describes a bizarre marital relationship between a group of fallen angels and human women, resulting in a race of hybrid giants the Bible calls the Nephilim. This was a blatant attempt by Satan to corrupt the bloodline of the Messiah. Many connect this sinful act of genetic rebellion against God with the worldwide, destructive flood of Noah. Columbia Law School graduate, Ryan Pitterson, spent 3 years of his life researching and writing the most comprehensive book on the Nephilim ever published—The Judgment of the Nephilim. Drawing on Scripture, little-known historical sources, and the writings of the ancient church fathers, Pitterson will take you places few have gone before. Join Gary and Ryan as they take a fresh look at this curious, but biblically-important subject!

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