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MYSTERIOUS Finds from the Deep Sea

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MYSTERIOUS Finds from the Deep Sea

The surface of this planet is approximately 71 percent water and yet to date, we measly human beings have only managed to explore approximately five percent of all that H2O.

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3 – Lake Michigan’s Stonehenge
While using remote sensing sonar equipment to scan underneath the murky waters of Lake Michigan for shipwrecks, archaeologists discovered a boulder with a prehistoric carving of what many believe is a mastodon, which is part of a peculiar grouping of tremendous stones, which appear to be arraigned in a Stonehenge manner. At a depth of forty feet below Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay, the petroglyph carved on the circle of stones is believed to be 10,000 years old. The potential megalithic site was discovered in 2007, the team of researchers was led by Mark Holley, a professor of underwater archaeology of Northwestern Michigan College. The mammoth sized stones all measure the same distance across, the boulder which has the Mastodon carving is believed to be comprised of granite, meaning the carving had to be made with an extremely hard tool. The correctly aligned stones which form a circle are said to be clearly man-made.

2 – Possible Spaceship
It’s official title, is the Baltic Sea Anomaly, and that is because despite being found by sonar technology, in 2011, researchers are no closer to discovering what this strange underwater find actually is. The object is oval shaped, about sixty meters in diameter, so says the Swedish Ocean X diving team, who found the anomaly on the floor of the Baltic Sea at the center of the Bothnian Sea. The Swedish team has always maintained that there was something very strange about this object, the unusual features are thought to be unnatural in origin, prompting speculation, that the object may be a sunken UFO. Adding to the mystery, when divers dove down into the waters a second time with more advanced equipment, all of the cameras went black, as did the satellite phones, divers now believe that there is some type of electrical blockers inside the object, which block any device which uses electricity within 200 meters. The divers also claim they located visible formations on top of the object, which are set at 90-degree angles, they say these could be passageways or walls, as well as a possible staircase. The temperature of the water also had a notable change when divers approached, the levels turned to an icy zero degrees leaving the entire team further baffled, as well as the rest of the world still longing for answers.

1 – Emeralds of Doom
In 2010, Jay Miscovich of Key West Florida, a businessman and amateur diver and treasure hunter, met with a man in a bar who claimed to have in his possession a treasure map. The mysterious stranger from the bar also had with him a fracture of a strange clay pot, which Jay believed to recognize as from the colonial era. Jay purchased the nautical map for five hundred dollars and then went about seeking his fortune. Using the map, he and a colleague tracked the coordinates using GPS and discovered nothing, no shipwreck, no treasure nothing, but they can’t going, after a few more miles, their metal detectors went off, and the men dove into the waters below. According to Jay, what they discovered down there, somewhere off the Gulf of Florida, along the ocean floor, were millions, if not billions of dollars worth of emeralds. Jay kept the contents of his find a secret until he could develop his own salvage company in an attempt to keep his fortune for himself. However, as the treasure hunter seemed to be getting closer to his goal, he would never collect. After 60 minutes caught wind of the fantastical story and ran a television episode about it, everyone began to claim ownership of the treasure. The Spanish government claimed the remains were from a ship of theirs which had gone down in that area. The United States Government’s Internal Revenue Service also wanted their fair share of the treasure. Investors of Jay’s who had been waiting years for profits began to cause a whirlwind of storms in court. It was then that Jay Miscovich’s story began to unravel, a local Florida jeweller made claims that Jay had purchased eighty thousand dollars worth of uncut rough Colombian emeralds from his shop, and that his buried treasure was nothing more than a staged attempt to hustle millions out of historical societies. Jay always maintained that his story of the map in the bar was authentic, but when some of the found emeralds were given to a British research facility for testing, who found that the recovered emeralds were coated with modern epoxy, something only used in the last fifty years, in order to make stones shinier, all of his credibility fell apart. And Jay, ended up leaving this world without a penny to his name, and left only questions behind. Was his amazing story true? Were these emeralds the result of pirates or merely his imagination? The world may never know.



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