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Mysterious Events and Scary Videos 24/7 Paranormal Creepy Videos

Weird Places

Mysterious Events and Scary Videos 24/7 Paranormal Creepy Videos

The original and first 24 hours Creepy Videos Stream on YouTube! Let’s enjoy some Mysterious Creepy Videos, Scary Stories, Ghost Videos and Scary Videos together! Some clips involve Urban Legends and other Ghost on Tape Videos. It is a mix between Frostmare TV Content, Ghost Clips and lately even Creepy Urban Exploration Videos #paranormal

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Frostmare is NOT responsible for the information provided by viewers in the chat – only participate in this live stream if you agree to this.

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CAPS Lock and limitless Emojis are now granted as well as swearing – but please use within reason!

** Quick Chat rules:
No personal insults or racial slurs , no self advertising.

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This stream is purely for Entertainment! Some of the ghost videos might be staged – but that does not mean that we can not enjoy them. Snuggle up in your favorite blanket, share your thoughts and let’s get creeped out. I do not own any copyright of these video clips. Paranormal videos, Ghost Caught on Tape and even Scary Videos included. I do NOT own the copyright of any of these clips and therefore I am not claiming it.

Urban Explorer’s featured on my Stream:

The Proper People:


Now sit back and enjoy some Frostmare TV!

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  1. Great Baby Tv

    September 29, 2017 at 10:10 am

    Great Scary! Sub me please thanks

  2. Ennard Reacts

    October 29, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    I miss this live cause all my friends were there

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