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MOST Unusual Tourist Attractions

Unusual Places

MOST Unusual Tourist Attractions

When you go exploring the world, you can go see all the museums, hike cool mountains, and see all the landmarks. But here’s a few things you might not have thought to even look for–the unthought of, unique, and just straight up weird places that can make for an atypical, yet memorable vacation

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9. London Post Office Railway
The Mail Rail has been operating since 1927 and consists of a driverless railway, cruising underneath London delivering mail. It ran until 2003 and now just exists as an underground tourist attraction where it acts as a little museum that opened just this past year. For its time, it was considered at revolutionary innovation as it operated through an automatic electric railway.

8. Ice Hotel Church
Not only does being made entirely of ice make it one of the most unique hotels ever, but that being said, it has to be rebuilt every year. There may be many ice hotels and other establishments now, but the first of which was the Icehotel in northern Sweden. It opened in 1990 and features themed rooms, a bar, and the hotel’s church seen here. Every year, the church gets consecrated during the Christmas Day service. To keep it stable, the hotel has to be set at 23 degrees Fahrenheit or -5 degrees Celsius.

7. Gnomesville
You guessed it. This place is chock full of gnomes. Lawn gnomes manifest this small piece of land in Ferguson Valley, Australia and have done so for the past two decades. Appropriately referred to as Gnomesville, an area that started out as a way to protest the newly installed roundabout. It started with one gnome, though it was already clear that the residents of the area did not want that roundabout around. Soon, the gnomes would reach 20 after two months. Years later, there would be thousands–some even grouped into their own neighborhoods like a little gnome city.

6. Mano del Desierto
The hand of the desert, better known by its Spanish name Mano del Desierto, can be found Chile’s Atacama Desert. Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrazabal constructed the hand, which would be inaugurated by 1992. It sits firmly in the ground at 1,100 meters above sea level and comprises of concrete and iron, standing at 36 feet or 11 meters tall. Tourists check out the hand often, so much so that vandalism often takes place, prompting in an occasional cleaning.

5. The Swimming Pool
At the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art of Kanazawa, one of the most unique art installations comes in the form of an illusionary pool. Titled The Swimming Pool, this project by Leandro Erlich displays what appears to be a deep pool where you can view fellow museum goers standing underneath. As you can see, they’re not really underwater. Instead, there’s a 10cm layer of water in transparent glass that makes it look as if these people are operating normally underwater. Produced back in 2004, the installation has found new interest after photos of it recently circulated the internet.

4. The Garden Of Bomarzo
This park of monsters is located in northern Lazio, Italy in a little garden that was made back in the 16th century. It may be called the Garden of Bomarzo, though most people know it by its less formal name “the park of monsters.” it was commissioned by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini in 1552 as a way to deal with his recent status as a widow and thought that building a place full of horror sculptures would help. Many strange sites can be found here, which explains why the park was a favorite of artist Salvador Dali and inspired one of his paintings.

3. Equihen Plage
Once a seaside village, Equihen Plage or Equihen Village would turn into a small commune located in the Hauts-de-France region of France. The dryer lands off the coast of the English Channel would turn into a place where old boats would be hauled up to and turned upside down. These upside boats were converted into little housing areas during the 1990s as a way to preserve the history and culture of the region.

2. The Neon Museum
When we think of the city lights of Las Vegas, we think of the excess of colorful neon signs. But like any other city, Las Vegas has evolved. And while it still has a lot of new lights, all the old signs hold a lot of history and need somewhere to go. That’s where the Neon Museum comes in, sometimes referred to as the neon junkyard. The museum was founded in 1996, though the Young Electric Sign company had been storing all these signs for years. This non-profit establishment includes old signs and sculptures from the Desert Inn, The Stardust, Moulin Rouge, as well as establishments still open like Caesar’s Palace and Treasure Island.




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