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Throughout the years, there have been thousands of ships just left behind. Never to sail the 7 seven seas again, never to feel the wind in her sails, or see the sunrise from exotic locations. No reason is the same, with some cases running high with mystery. Today we have a look at some of those mysterious abandoned vessels.

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9 – The stuff of nightmares…
The story about the Ourang Medan is one that could be turned into a Blockbuster movie, and will leave you having sleepless nights, especially knowing that the details are actually true. It was 1947 when the Ourang Medan called in a distress signal. The caller said he was a crewmember and reported that everyone on board the ship was dead and then his last words were, “I die”. Rescue teams were sent out to the Ourang Medan, and what they found was horrifying to say the least.
Everything on board was untouched, except that every single crew member on board had died, and each person had a terrified expression on their face. Before they could investigate everything further, the ship exploded as they were trying to tow it away. It’s thought the crew may have been exposed to unusual levels of nitroglycerin, which the ship was carrying illegally.

8 – Sailing the 7 Seas…
There was nothing out of the ordinary the day that the Baychimo got into serious trouble. It was October 1931 and it was doing a regular route between Alaska and Vancouver when it got caught in unexpected bad weather. The vessel got trapped in ice-flows and the Captain ordered everyone to abandon ship. The crew were fine, but the vessel ended up floating around for 23-years, with rescue attempts failing each time they tried. It’s assumed that the icy waters have claimed the ship by now.

7 – Rough Seas Ahead…
We’re sailing back in time to 1918, where 306 men vanished into thin air while on board a Navy ship called the Cyclops. The vessel was making its way to Baltimore from Brazil where it lost contact with everyone. You can imagine the theories that are out on this one. Some believe the Germans sank it, other think it cracked and sunk, while others believe rough seas sent it way off course… but the fact that it’s never been found, leaves any theory a possibility.

6 – A ship is safe in the harbor…
That is true of course, but that’s not where they’re meant to be. Jure Šterk had many sailing hours under his belt, in fact he had even completed a solo trip around the world. So, he was no stranger to what the dangers of the ocean were. In 2007 he embarked on another journey from New Zealand, but 2-years later his sailboat was found torn to shreds and no sign of him anywhere. To this day there is still no closure on what happened to Šterk.

5 – Don’t rock the boat…
The Octavius was just a legend for a long time, until one day in 1775, it was actually discovered by a whaling ship called The Herald. The Octavius was spotted floating aimlessly in the water, just off Greenland’s coast. Inside, the grim discovery of the frozen crew members bodies was discovered, plus the captain’s log book, with the final entry dating back to 1762.

4- Cast Anchor…
This is the S28, an American submarine that mysteriously vanished in 1944. The Sub went on a training dive just off the coast of Oahu. The next evening, all contact with the submarine was lost. 3 days later, diesel was seen on the surface of the water, which was the only sign that the submarine had even been there. All 49 crew members were lost, and the University of Hawaii’s Undersea Research Laboratory have been trying once more to trace it.

3 – All Hands on Deck…
Here’s another chilling last message that will give you goosebumps: “May 4, 1823. No food for 71 days. I am the only one left alive.” This one was written by the captain of the British schooner ‘Jenny’ and the note was only discovered 17-years later! The ship was sailing through the Antarctic and got trapped in ice. When their whaling ship was finally discovered, the 6-member crew plus their captain were all perfectly preserved in the ice, including their dog.

2 – Ahoy there…
The Lady Lovibond is quite the story, involving love, jealousy and rage and the fact that it was set sail the day before Valentines day, is quite ironic. It was set off to celebrate the Captain’s wedding, but little did he know, his best friend was also in love with his wife. So out of vengeance, the best friend apparently steered the ship into the treacherous waters off Goodwind Sands, and everyone on board drowned and the ship was never seen again.




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