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MOST Haunted Abandoned Ships

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MOST Haunted Abandoned Ships

For centuries there have been tales of mystery, fear, enigma and wonder that have emerged from our oceans. Tales of ghost ships that have lost their crew, never to be seen again, or stories of lost sailors that have come back to haunt their vessels. Today we delve into some of the legends that still have many at a loss for a plausible explanation.

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9 – Batten down the hatches…
A beautiful Danish vessel called the København, set sail on the 14th of December, 1928, to head to Australia from Rio de la Plata. On board were 60 men, mostly cadets from prominent Danish families. The ship was notable for having 5 masts, and had everything to ensure a smooth voyage. She disappeared on December 21, and in 2012 a wreck was discovered near the island of Tristan da Cunha, which many believe was the København. In 1930 there were a few reports saying that the 5-masted København had been spotted. Possibly a case of too much rum? May very well be.

8 – Belle of the ball…
Not quite, rather the Belle of Louisville. You can still hop on these historic steamboats in Louisville, but just note, with your delicious lunch or dinner, expect a healthy serving of ghost stories. Many claim to see the ghost of former Captain Ben Winters, and they hear him whistling a song in the engine room.

7 – Fire in the hole…
Young Teazer was a private ship that was built in 1813, that would prey on any sea trade entering the coast of Halifax. This extremely fast vessel took many prizes from Nova Scotia and some straight from the Halifax Harbour. Many attempts were made to catch her, but to no avail. HMS La Hogue and HMS Orpheus worked together to eventually corner the ship, but as they approached, the vessel exploded! It’s believed the First Lieutenant may have gone mad, set himself alight and run into the ammunition. A year after the incident, people started reporting that they’d seen the Young Teazer, and that every year on the Anniversary of that tragic day, the “Fire Ship” would appear at Mahone Bay. Those that have seen it say that there is a huge element of fear that comes with the sighting of the ghost ship.

6 – Feed the fish…
During the time that the RMS Queen Mary served as a Cunard passenger liner, at least 49 people ended up as fish food. This isn’t even taking into account those that served as troops between 1939 and 1945. Time magazine have even named the vessel, “one of the top 10 most haunted places in America”. The ship now serves as a museum and hotel, and you can take a paranormal tour through it. Just listen out for the sounds of children playing in the former nursery or look out for the ghost of a young sailor that used to work in the engine room.

5 – Yo Ho Ho…
When you hear the term ghost ship, it doesn’t automatically mean there are ghosts on the ship – although, we’re not discounting that possibility. It means that the ship has no crew on it. This is the Octavius, and it set sail in 1761 to take cargo from China to London. The Captain tried to take a shortcut, but it didn’t work out in their favor. The ship was only discovered 13-years later by a whaling ship called the Herald. The crew and captain were frozen solid inside the ship. Totally spooked out, I mean who wouldn’t be, the crew of the Herald left the ship immediately. The ship has been left with its ghostly crew to wander the ocean ever since.

4 – Hang the jib…
Pirates do have the most colorful expressions, don’t they? The SS William A. Irvin was a beaut to see on the waters of Lake Superior, Erie and Michigan. This 610-foot vessel used to carry iron ore and coal and was considered the flagship of the US Steel’s Great Lakes Fleet. Many believe the vessel to be haunted by former crew members, including the unfortunate sailor who didn’t survive a boiler room accident. Every October – perhaps in time for Halloween – the ship allows you to do a self-guided haunter tour.

3 – Anchors away…
The Lady Lovibond involves an intriguing story of love and jealousy, which always seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? It was the day before Valentines Day in 1748, when the ship set sail to celebrate the Captain’s wedding. Turns out, the Captains best friend was in love with the Captain’s wife too, and to get his revenge, he purposefully steered the ship into dangerous waters, sinking the ship and all its passengers. To this date, there have been almost 10 sightings of this ship, with the most recent being 1998. Whether it’s a tall tale, or the event actually happened, we’re none the wiser.

2 – What a star…
Built in 1963, the Star of India is home to several ghosts. Visitors say there are certain unexplainable cold spots on the vessel, as well as electronic voice phenomena. You can also go ghost hunting as the ship is docked at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.




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