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Most Bizarre Animals Kept As Pets

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Most Bizarre Animals Kept As Pets

Keeping a Fennec Fox as a pet seems to be taking off in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. They are absolutely adorable. They’re smaller than cats and highly intelligent. They can be housetrained to use a litter box, are pretty playful and needs lots of exercise.

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8 – This little piggy went to market…
One of the cuter unusual pets to have must be the dwarf pig. They are pretty costly, anything from $750.00 to $3500.00 for one. It seems to be a status symbol to own one, but there is a huge backlash against it, as many breeders use unscrupulous methods to keep them small. Many owners have been duped, and bought these tiny guys – only for them to grow into monster size pigs!

7 – Cute or Cruel?
Over in Australia, smaller breeds of kangaroos are becoming popular as pets. Sadly, the death toll of them as pets is very high – as these guys need massive amounts of space to run around in, and they need places to hide – which is part of their nature. They also regurgitate their food, salivate a lot and constantly lick their paws. One can cost as much as $3000.00 and you really have to committed to it, if that’s the road you want to go down.

6 – You have goat to be kidding me…
Hard to believe it, but pygmy goats are also kept as pets. They are super high maintenance, and very active. They’re noisy, need constant company, need space and lots of food. They’re great at escaping, so be prepared for that too. On the positive side, they are fun animals and great with children.

5 – Oversized Poodle…
That’s what Llamas look like. If you have a farm, these animals are very gentle and soft-natured, making for great companions. They are pretty clean animals, low maintenance and quite friendly.

4 – Crazy cat lady…
Cat lovers and crazy cat ladies will love this exotic pet. Genets have been around since the middle ages, and were used to help control the rodent problems. Captive breeding has transformed these cat like creatures to become sweet and quite easy to care for. They still have predatory instincts, so shouldn’t be kept around birds or smaller animals.

3 – Rocket in your pocket…
Sugar Gliders are just super to look at, and really great for the entire family. Cute, cuddly, and tiny – what more could you ask for? One thing to note, they are nocturnal – so be prepared for fun and games in the middle of the night.

2 – An unusual family member…
Many owners of hedgehogs say that the moment you get your own pet hedgehog, you will bond with it like you do a baby. They are exceptionally adorable looking, and those spines only stiffen when they’re feeling threatened. They’re easily compared to hamsters in their docile, easy to care for behavior but do need a lot more interaction with their owners. You can buy them for around $75.00 up to $250.00, depending on age and temperament.

1 – Lifestyles of the rich and famous…
Tigers, Cheetahs and Lions are some of the animals kept as pets by the super wealthy over in the UAE. Cheetahs travelling in sports cars and even owners swimming with their Lions. They’re generally bought as cubs, which means the mothers are often killed in the wild, and the cubs smuggled into the UAE. Claws and teeth are clipped and filed down, and often these animals do not get the proper care they need. The only law in Dubai regarding exotic animals as pets, is that you have to register them and leep them on a leash at all times when in public.



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