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LUCKIEST Storage Unit Finds

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LUCKIEST Storage Unit Finds

Shows like Storage Wars have us glued to our seats, waiting in anticipation to find out if there’s going to be anything incredible or disturbing lurking behind the dusty roller-door. Unlike what we see in the show, valuables aren’t always there, but of course the juiciest bits are saved just for us.

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9 – Show a little respect…
Aretha Franklin, American singer and songwriter, had a fire in one of her homes back in 2003. It was suspected to be arson. The house was merely used as storage, so she took a number of her stage costumes that had survived the fire, and placed them in storage. That storage unit eventually went up for auction, and the lucky bidder took the clothing straight to eBay.

8 – Your luck is in…
It certainly was for eBay user, Vermontgirl77. She found 2 vintage Burton snowboards when she had acquired a storage unit. She suspected they may hold some value, so posted just one of the boards on to eBay. The result? A bidding war ensued, and the board fetched an impressive $30,100!

7 – Game On…
There are two instances where vintage video games have made an appearance on Storage Wars. The first was a bit of a debacle, where it was thought that a certain unit was worth $10,000 but in reality, wasn’t even worth $10! Fortunately, the second situation wasn’t so bad. This was a dream come true for gamers, because inside the neat and tidy storage units was hundreds of vintage video games, and the best part, there was one of each. So, it wasn’t like there were loads of copies of one particular game, but rather loads of individual games. It’s believed the find could be worth around $50,000!

6 – Slam Dunk…
Over in North Carolina, a pretty unassuming storage locker was bought, the contents of that locker were most certainly not unassuming though. Inside were original documents that all had something to do with Michael Jordan. Two of the documents were recruitment letters, one from coach Dean Smith and another from assistant, Bill Guthridge. The items were sold at auction for $50,000!

5 – Priceless…
Not all finds are going to make you loads of money, and perhaps it might not be valuable to you, but it could be valuable to someone else. This is a particularly strange story that involves a storage unit, bbq smoker and a leg. How do they all fit in? Mr. Shannon Whisnaut had purchased the contents of this particular storage unit and was going to use the bbq smoker to prepare some meat. When he opened it up, he happened to find a human leg inside, wrapped in tinfoil. He called the police who managed to trace the owner of the leg. Now, that’s bizarre I hear you think, but it gets stranger. Mr. Wood, the owner of the leg, wanted it back. But Mr. Shannon Whisnaut refused to return it. He wanted to charge people a small fee to view the random leg. The strange dilemma went to court, and thank goodness the original and rightful owner of the leg got it back!

4 – Some guys have all the luck…
For over 50-years, this beautiful 1927 Harley-Davidson 8-valve racer with sidecar had been sitting in a storage unit, just waiting to be rescued. This Australian find is one of just 50, and was rediscovered in 2015. It was in incredible condition, and sold for a phenomenal $424,000 at auction!

3 – Go big or go home…
Here’s an abandoned storage unit that you have to wonder why on earth the owners didn’t just pay the rental… it’s not like they couldn’t afford it! It was owned by motion picture industry executives, and after repeated notices to settle the arears, it was declared abandoned. Somebody bought the contents without even knowing what was inside – called a storage-locker auction. Well, that brave person was rewarded and the 40,000 pieces of Hollywood memorabilia that was inside, is thought to fetch over $1 million at auction!

2 – Blast from the past…
China may not have shows like Storage Wars, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have some weird and wonderful items cropping up in storage units. One storage facility was found in Zhouyuan, and inside the unit were seeds. The seeds were said to be over 3,000 years old and looked as good as new!

1 – Strike it lucky…
One lucky auction hunter got more than they bargained for when they bid on a unit in Miami. Inside the unit was a genuine NASA rocket, and the original countdown clock from the space facility close by. They were used during the Endeavour Space Program. Allen Haff and Clinton Jones from Auction Hunters paid $1,500 for the unit, but no word of how much they made from this incredible find!



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