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Gig Log 009 ft. DJR and DJR Leyla | Lake Lyndsay | GORGEOUS LAKESIDE WEDDING | GIVING 110%

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Gig Log 009 ft. DJR and DJR Leyla | Lake Lyndsay | GORGEOUS LAKESIDE WEDDING | GIVING 110%

Gig Log 009 ft. DJR and DJ Leyla | Lake Lyndsay | GORGEOUS LAKESIDE WEDDING

On July 1, 2018 I travelled to one of my favorite venues in Cincinnati for another awesome wedding! Lake Lyndsay is one of those places around Cincinnati that you just have to consider when planning a wedding, and it is one of those places that, as a vendor, you dream of being invited to perform there. The space overlooks gorgeous Lake Lyndsay in Hamilton, Ohio and the view is magnificent. This wedding was absolutely breathtaking, featuring a lot of dancing, great music, and family from literally all over the world (Italy, The Caribbean, and United States).

This event was an incredibly challenging endeavor, and I’m so privileged to have accomplished a DJR goal of performing there successfully. We became a better company after this wedding, and we are prepared to continue making other weddings and parties absolutely AMAZING!

R.I.P Larry D. Renner, my father, and a man who I will never stop admiring.

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ABOUT DJR: DJR Entertainment was started in 2013 as a solo act with just one DJ, DJR. Presently there are 6 DJs who work with us, and we’re dedicated to making all of our events absolutely perfect!

SHOUT OUT: Please follow DJ Barr (Bayardo Rugama) and DJ Rick Webb! They are both HUGE inspirations for DJR moving forward, and I owe so much of our success to them and their awesome vlogs!

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