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Former US Sargent Claims we have Captured Non Human Life Forms

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Former US Sargent Claims we have Captured Non Human Life Forms

COAST TO COAST AM. Sgt. Clifford Stone, who claims to have served on top secret UFO crash retrieval missions where he had physical contact with downed extraterrestrial craft and interacted directly with captured non-human life forms. According to Stone, there are other witnesses who can verify what he has seen but they are “scared to talk” out of fear of retribution. Stone explained that on any given day his outfit would pick up and catalogue multiple TOIs (Tracks of Interest), a few of which were maneuvering in deep space. “Some of those are, in fact, craft that did not originate on this planet,” he reported.

Featured guests also include: Victor Viggiani

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1 Comment


    April 4, 2018 at 11:51 am

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