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Famous Logos With HIDDEN Secrets

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Famous Logos With HIDDEN Secrets

Who knew that so many of the famous logos we see on a regular basis from Coca Cola to have several meanings, or even hidden secrets? Here’s a full explanation and plenty of surprises hidden within some of the most recognizable logos around.

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It’s pretty easy to see that the swooshing yellow arrow beneath the lettering in the company logo makes a smile, the same reaction the company hopes a customer would experience by shopping on their website. But it also starts at the letter a and ends pointing at the letter z, a less obvious nod to the fact that they sell everything from A to Z.

9. Milwaukee Brewers

Though it was only used from 1978 to 1993 (they should bring it back!) this logo for the Milwaukee Brewers was impressive to say the least. Most see a baseball mit with a ball held within. If you look closely, though the mit and ball also spell out M.B., the initials of the team name. The current logo is devoid of hidden meanings, as far as we know, and is quite frankly pretty boring.

8. The Atlanta Falcons

Since they just made it to the Super Bowl you may have seen the logo of the Atlanta Falcons a lot in recent times. Did you ever notice that the bird in the logo also spells out the letter F. Well if you never saw it before, now you know.

7. Jack in the Box

We’re not sure why this was done but the o and the x in this jack in the box logo are joined. It looks like a fish, more specifically an ichthus or Jesus Fish. Maybe the owners are Christian, perhaps they were trying to promote a new fish sandwich, or it could just be a coincidence; you can also see that the c and the k in jack also meet.

6. Cisco

It’s no surprise that Cisco chose to incorporate a digital signal into their widely recognizable logo. They were able to do so while also throwing a shout out to where they’re from. The logo is also meant to be an abstract version of the famous Golden Gate Bridge, which is located near where their headquarters can be found, San Francisco.

5. MGM

The MGM lion that roars viewers into every movie made by the studio has become iconic. But did you ever take a minute and wonder how that lion logo was created. We did and here’s what we dug up. There’s a picture circulating the internet that seems to suggest that a lion was strapped down to a table, with his face facing a camera to create the image. This is completely false, the image seems to have been photoshopped and is actually a lion receiving medical treatment at a Zoo. The actual story behind the creation of the logo is as follows. There were seven lions used throughout MGM’s history. They would be filmed in their cage and were always very well trained. A cameraman and, of course a lion trainer would be present during filming.

4. Sun Microsystems

Though the guy that designed the Sun Microsystems logo was a computer science professor and had no prior experience in design, he did a masterful job. He managed to turn the logo into an ambigram, or a type of design that spells a word out in various directions. No matter which way you turn the Sun Microsystems logo you will still see the word sun, making the word, much like the actual sun hard to avoid.

3. NBC

Ok so you probably knew that the NBC logo is a peacock, but there’s a few other hidden meanings in that famous logo. For starters, the peacock is facing right, which isn’t just a random decision but shows that the network is always looking to the future. It’s six colored tail represents all of NBC’s departments; News, Sports, Entertainment, Stations, Networks, and Productions. Several versions were marched out including the Laramie peacock which was used in the 60’s and early 70’s before they finally settled on the current version in 1986.

2. Chicago Bulls

We hear that the red tips of the Bulls horn in the Chicago Bulls symbol are meant to represent the blood of the vanquished opponent. We’re not sure if that’s true but what’s hard to debate is that if you turn that same logo upside down, you get an image that looks an awful lot like a robot reading a book. Don’t believe us, check it out for yourself. See we told you.

Be honest, how many of these logos did you know about before you watched the video? Let us know in the comments section and as always we wanted to thank whoever watched and stuck around this long. If you haven’t already, click that subscribe button and we’ll be sure to keep the videos coming. And don’t forget to check out…

1. Tour De France

If you look at the lettering in the Tour De France logo you’ll notice a very cool piece of art. The r in tour is actually a cyclist in racing position, with the yellow circle behind the R signifies that the race takes place during the day.



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