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Electric airplane tested in Norway – TomoNews

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Electric airplane tested in Norway – TomoNews

OSLO — Norwegian fliers may be travelling on electrical powered aircraft within the next decade.

According to Norwegian government information, the Alpha Electro G2 aircraft has a range of 170 km and can fly for up to 1 hour.

Manufacturer Pipistrel says the aircraft’s motor has power of around 50 kilowatts, with a 21 kilowatt per hour battery.This is small compared to batteries used by electric cars. Pipistrel says the aircraft can be recharged quickly at customized charging stations.

The plane was tested this month at Oslo airport. Carrying two passengers, it weighed 570 kg and was airborne for several minutes. Reuters reports that the passengers described the experience as cramped, but quieter than normal aircraft.

The country plans to operate domestic flights electric by 2025, with a view to having all electrically powered come 2040.
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