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BIZARRE Natural and Unexplained Phenomena

Bizarre Places

BIZARRE Natural and Unexplained Phenomena

It’s literally impossible to understand and explain each and every natural occurrence that takes place around the world, and just when we think we have some answers, a new idea or theory comes into play, throwing our original theory out of the window. Today we have a look at some bizarre and inexplainable natural phenomena that has occurred around the globe.

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9 – Sun dog…
No, I’m not about to share a new yoga pose with you, Sun Dog is the name given to these massive halo’s in the sky caused by refracting light. The light looks like it’s encircling the sun with bright spots on either side of the halo. If they shine brightly enough, it looks like you’re seeing 3 suns! This happens across the globe, you just have to be on the lookout for them, they’re usually present when the sun is low in the sky!

8 – Getting a bit old now…
If you’ve had a near death experience, you’ll know it’s a very frightening situation and you’ll often flashback to that day and think how fortunate you were to survive. The experience never really leaves you. Usually we only have about one of those in our lifetime, but Beverly Gilmour, a 49-year-old lady, has experienced this over 1,000 times in the last 30-years! Doctors and scientists have spent years studying her but have no logical explanation for her continuous exposure to these surreal situations and always pulling through. Some would say she has a great purpose to fulfill first and it’s just not her time.

7 – Natural beauty…
Finnish Lapland structures are these eerie looking shapes that stick out from the frozen landscape like a sore thumb! They look like something from a science-fiction movie as opposed to a natural occurrence on Earth. It gets so cold in this area that with the sub-zero conditions, the snow and frost become so thick that they cover everything in this awkward looking blanket. Easily explained for sure, but bizarre to look at none the less.

6 – Not very hungry…
I’m sure many would hear this and think I wish that would happen to me, but how awful really. This mystery has happened in 12-year-old Landon Jones life, where thanks to a strange condition, he is unable to feel hungry or thirsty. He woke up one morning not feeling hundreds, went to the doctor who confirmed he had a bacterial infection in his left lung. The infection healed, but since then his desire to eat or drink has dissipated. His parents have to constantly remind him to eat, otherwise he can go ages without taking anything of substance in.

5 – Splashes of color…
Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China as well as several other spots throughout China, have this exquisitely unique technicolor mountain formation. Over 24 million years, layers of different colored sandstone and minerals have compacted together creating these multi-colored mountains. It’s like the paint palette for earth, and each color is breath-taking.

4 – Hair raising tale…
This bizarre natural phenomenon is known as Pele’s hair lava and it looks more like a bird’s nest than hair, I agree. This crazy hair actually comes from Hawaii’s Mt. Kilauea, an active volcano. The wind picks up small droplets of lava and stretches them into these thin glass wires, some reaching up to 6-feet. In Hawaii they call it Pele but in Norway, where this also occurs, they call it Witch’s Hair.

3 – No explanation necessary…
That’s because there is none! In 2012, thousands of deceased fish washed ashore a stretch of beach in Northern Norway, and as quickly as they came ashore, they disappeared. It’s estimated that as much as 20 tons could have been on the beach, but before locals could begin counting, the fish disappeared. To this day, no explanation has been concluded.

2 – The eye of the Sahara…
Formally known as the Richtat Structure, but the Eye of the Sahara is much catchier. How did this 25-mile circular feature come to be in the Sahara? Scientists are still working at figuring out the answer, but they believe it to be the eroded remains of a giant dome of rock. The ring has different bands of rock surrounding it that all erode at different speeds. Apparently, astronauts see this formation as an “almost home” signal when returning from outer space.




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    #8 I’ve had a hardcore NDE. Long story. But we do most definitely “go on”. We ABSOLUTELY DONOT cease to exist. ALSO – Re: those colorful hills in China 🇨🇳… We have those here in Oregon, too. The painted hills in Eastern OR., near the Idaho border. They’re INSANE. They look like the Robin Williams movie 🍿 🎥 “What Dreams May Come”. Truly like you’re not in this world 🌍 anymore. Makes me wanna DESPERATELY take a quad 🏍out there & go crazy 😜 LOL

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    The explanition for number 21 has been known for quite a while. A thin layer of ice forms over the desert floor and the strong desert winds blow the rocks around over slick ice, which creates the tracks.

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    A cats purr puts out a frequency that has been shown to assist in healing and keeping calm. It is also a way for them to communicate that they are happy or content.

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