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Amazing Places in Austria YOU MUST SEE

Amazing Places

Amazing Places in Austria YOU MUST SEE

This central European country may be small, but there’s also lots of cool stuff to be found here. On top of all that beautiful architecture, there’s also some quirky aspects to this history-rich country. Let’s check out some of them right now.

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8. Austrian National Library
If you couldn’t tell from pictures, the Austrian National Library is the largest library in the country of Austria, and holds a recorded 7.4 million items. The library was established in the 18th century and is basically every bibliophile’s dream house. Four museums can be found within the property of the National Library, which has also been dubbed as the most beautiful library in the world for its palatial size and ornate interior decorations.

7. Seegrotte (zee grot cheh)
If you wish to visit magical places in Austria outside of books, then there’s also The Seegrotte, an underground cave system in Hinterbruhl. A mine for gypsum was once located near the grotto, which was closed in the year 1912 after 20 million liters of water flooded the mine. It only took less than 20 years for it the be re-established as a tourist attraction in the area. This boat sails along the underground lake, located 60 meters below the ground, and is part of the regular boat tours through the scenic subterranean formations.

6. Museum of Modern Art
This is the Museum Moderner (muh dur nehr) Kunst (koonst), or MUMOK for short. It’s already strange looking building, even without the upside down house embedded onto the roof. Known for their collections of modern art that spans from the 20th century into the modern day, MUMOK is the largest art museum in Austria. It is artist Erwin Wurm who is credited with coming up with the strange but hilarious idea behind this house which is an art installation in itself.

5. The Clock Museum
One of the most popular tourist destinations in Austria is The Clock Museum, located in the capital city. Nestled in the middle of Vienna is a museum that houses at over 1000 clocks and timepieces throughout the three floors of the building. One of the most famous displays at the museum is the Cajetano clock, which is this astronomical device that was made in the 18th century by David a Sancto Cajetano (ca ye tano), a monk. Another clock at the museum is said to be calibrated to run until the year 9999. And, to no one’s surprise, the displays are all arranged in chronological order.

4. Starkenberger Beer Pools
Although you could try this at home with a keg of beer and your own bathtub, you will probably enjoy the experience more if you were a tourist on vacation in Tarrenz, Austria, just saying. Submerge yourself in the pub-favorite drink, which is located within the Starkenberger Castle. You will not only find these famous 7 famous beer pools that are filled with 42,000 pints of beer each, but there’s also beer history and drinking involved to complete the experience.

3. Dasparkhotel
These cylinder structures are part of the Dasparkhotel, located in Bottrop-Ebel (boh trop eebell) and Ottensheim, Austria. The hotel stands out for it’s strange concrete cylinder drainpipes. It may not seem like the most warm and comfortable place to pay to stay at, but it’s said to actually be a unique and pleasant experience. The suits are measured at 7 feet in diameter, complete with a skylight in case you get a little claustrophobic. Dasparkhotel is a pay as you wish establishment, which only further establishes its quirkiness.

2. Crystal Worlds
It might look like a fantasy land, and to be quite honest, it pretty much is. Crystal worlds is an museum located in Wattens. Built in 1995, the park was made in celebration for the 100th anniversary of the crystal company we have all heard of, Swarovski. The museum contains 16 showrooms of collections throughout, known as the Chambers of Wonders, which includes things the Ice Passage, the colorful Eden, and Into Lattice Sun.

One of the strangest places you’ll not only visit in Austria, but also in the world, is the Nonseum, a museum located in Herrnbaumgarten. Nonseum houses just would you would expect from the name: collections of the most useless and nonsensical items ever made. It is a one of a kind establishment that is a favorite among visitors for exposing you to items you’re never going to use but are nonetheless interesting to took at and know that something like them exists in the world.



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