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Abandoned Ships in the Caribbean

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Abandoned Ships in the Caribbean

From ships purposely sunk to create coral reefs, to shipwrecks of Spanish galleons, here are abandoned ships in the Caribbean

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5. Abandoned Ship Turks Caicos
The corals reefs are evidence that things which are beautiful, can also be deadly. Some estimate that the Turks and Caicos are home to over 1000 shipwrecks including this cargo ship known as the mega one triton. This is a recently wrecked ship that washed up ashore after hurricane sandy and has been rusting away ever since. Many consider it to be an eye sore and a possible hazard to beach goers, while others would argue that it’s kind of cool and want to stay. This is also found not too far away from the Governors residence in waterloo so it’s likely it’ll be removed one day. The beach here doesn’t get overly crowded and seems like a nice island getaway. The ship is mostly above water so you have to imagine it would be a good place for crabs or birds to take shelter. Maybe even pirates? Who knows.

4.Spanish Galleon shipwreck
Found near the Dominican, this is the type of discovery archeologists dream of! About 4000 feet deep lies two shipwreck complete with cannons, musket balls as well as large amounts of wine and gin to go a long. Oh yeah and don’t forget about the quicksilver that helped spain mine for gold. Due to the depth, the ship has for the most part been completed. The wreck was discovered during an oil and gas survey, looking for the next place to build a oil rig. Most of the wood was eroded but the copper frame was still in tact, as well as the kitchen. What exactly was the ship’s origins? Some claim it might have came from pirates from Texas around time of the Texas Revolution or Mexican American War. The research will act as a time capsule from the past and give us a better understanding of the daily lives of whoever manned this boat.

3. SS Antilla
The title for the largest shipwreck in the caribbean is the MS Antilla, which is found in Aruba. Once used as a german freighter ship, the crew had decided to set it ablazed to prevent the allies from seizing the goods in 1939. Their route home back to Germany was blocked by the US British at French and the dutch were sent to seize the vessel. All detainees however, were taken on a banana boat to jamaica. Today it serves as a huge scuba diving hotspot and even serves as a hawksbill turtle sanctuary. The ship went on to take more damage from a hurricane in 1953 causing it to break apart. Many feel as though the ship is no longer to safely be
explored. Would you take the chance of scuba diving in a possibly dangerous shipwreck?

2. Northern Light Shipwreck
Also known as the Elbow Wreck, this ship once travelled from the Great Lakes and through the mississippi river before making its final resting place in key largo florida. It was even one of the first american steam hull ships built in the late 1890’s. The large ship was about to transformed into a formidable traveller of the 7 seas in the 1900’s but the owner changed his mind. During the economic hardships of the Great Depression, they decided to set the ship ablaze and collect insurance money. However this idea would turn out to be a failure and the insurance company never paid the scammer. Today, experienced scuba divers plunge about 150 to 190 feet underwater to take a look at the broken ships. Many claim this is one of the best scuba diving spots in the Florida keys for tourists to take advantage of, but of course, it might still be dangerous.

1.Spiegel Grove Wreck
The key largo community set to sink another ship, this time it was the spiegel grove, a US Navy Landing Ship Dock. This was a 510 retired ship that could be used to create an artificial ecosystem for coral and fish. It was formerly apart of the mothball fleet which were a bunch of abandoned naval ships that were being kept as surplus. The ship was relocated and during this process, it sank during a storm. Luckily, no one was injured, and it still sank in a good spot. Many scientists and biologists are excited to see the results of this potential habitat and scuba divers are lining up to drop in. There’s even an american flag still attached to the top like you see in this photo.



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