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7 Fun Facts about Braces


7 Fun Facts about Braces

Over the years, braces have evolved into becoming a global trend among teenagers and the youth. They are now fashionable and symbols of status, wealth, and style. It is no longer a frowned upon accessory as it was back in the day. Furthermore, the orthodontic community has made great strides to accommodate the needs of their patients into how the braces look and feel.

Here are a few fun facts about these modern-day braces.

  1.       Some braces are practically invisible. Today, you can choose whether you want braces installed at the front of your teeth or at the back. Those inserted at the back of your teeth cannot be seen unless you remove them in front of an audience.
  2.      Braces come in different colors. If you so choose, in your appointments as you change the rubber band of your braces, you can opt for a different color that you feel you are most comfortable with at that particular time.
  3.      If the pain is your deterring factor to trying out braces, fear no more! The first 24 hours is as bad as it gets, and according to various researches, you do not experience excruciating pain.
  4.     Metal braces are a lot smaller and the wires are much thinner as compared to when they first came out. This is the main reason why they are a lot less painful than they used to be. These smaller braces prove to be more effective than the traditional ones.
  5.      You can floss your teeth without using thread. Your dentist will give you the option to use a special flosser that gets below the wires and in between the teeth.
  6.      The ‘braces goody bag’ has more essentials. The bag includes lip balm, a mirror, and a little spiral dental brush used to pick food from between your teeth when you cannot get to your toothbrush.
  7.     Post-braces retainers still exist. Did you know that the most common way to lose your retainer is by throwing it away yourself and not misplacing it?

There you go- it is clear that braces and the technology around them have improved tremendously over the years to cater to patient needs while retaining the core use of dental alignment. From invisible braces to colored, dental braces are surely fun to wear.


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