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5 Extra Storage Spaces You might have forgotten about

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5 Extra Storage Spaces You might have forgotten about

Sometimes, it is difficult to find extra space on your home. The dealer CRM is giving five extra storage spaces that might have forgotten. These spaces can increase the storage space into a bigger space.

1) Above the Kitchen Cabinets

Although i is difficult to know that what to do with these open space with kitchen cabinets. These spaces can be use for various purposes like put containers, decoration pieces or other useful things on these spaces.

2) Inside a Windowsill

Your are lucky, if you have a window with profound casements, you can prop up a coasting rack or two inside that break. You can prop them with sealed plants and jars or you can use this space for other purposes.

3) Airspace

If you hook screw into the ceiling then there is an option to hang something on these hanging storage. You can seat, flower pot or shelves, in this way you can free the floor space.

4) Behind the Couch

If you have couch that is up against the wall then smash it out with six inches and put extra folding chairs along the wall if it is on the center of your room. Use it when guests come.

5) Inside the Shower

If you don’t have any closet but have some extra square feet standing shower, find a stool and place that shower from nozzle as possible.


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