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It is necessary to make a clear-cut distinction between craft skill and manual
skill; as we shall see these two have little in common. Manual skill in simple
operations may be regarded as a matter of habit born of repeated association of
esponses with stimuli, but it is most unwise to confuse manual skill in simple
operations with craft skill. A thorough examination of craft skill will show it to
be a complex of mental and physical achievements, in which manual skill plays
only a part. A study of the modern industrial practice of breaking down com
plex operations into simple units helps to illustrate this point. In modern work
shops the operative performing a simple isolated task at the machine or at the
bench is seldom a craftsman, although he may be capable, because of narrowly
confined intensive practice, of performing this simple task with more facility
han could the craftsman displaced by him. Machine operating and tool
setting in the engineering industry provide good examples of the demands of
manual skill and craft skill. The machine operator, on the one hand, has his
machine (often fool-proof) set up for him, and he has little to do beyond per
forming simple manual operations; on the other hand, the tool-setter is con
cerned with materials, tolerances, finish, and the whole complex technical
business of grinding tools and setting up the machine to produce required results
within a rigid framework of quality control. The machine operator needs only
manual skill while the tool-setter must have a craft skill in which manual skill
plays a small part. Another aspect of the situation has been summed up in the
following sentence: ‘It is an anomaly that the common classification of manual
occupations–unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled–places the emphasis on
differences in degree of manual skill instead of on the more significant differences
n technical knowledge and sound judgement a craftsman must exercise in the
course of the many decisions he must make. ‘1 We could now, perhaps, define
craft skill as the understanding and assimilation of the total technology of a
craft and its application in any craft situation so as to produce effective and
satisfying results.
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