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22 Bizarre Dating Sites

Bizarre Places

22 Bizarre Dating Sites

Some people look for true love in strange places like on the internet, the most bizarre websites to find a boyfriend or girlfriend

15 – They don’t make grannies like they used to!
If you were hoping to match with the granny you never had, to bake your delicious treats – well this is not the site for you. It’s a kind of x-rated site, and as the site very boldly says on their home page – “Because Experience Counts.” Not safe for work!

14 – Not so smitten…
Anyone who goes on this site is probably not entirely head over heels in love with their partner. Can Do Better is a dating where you post a picture of you and your partner, and users can rate whether they believe you can do better, or your partner can do better. Be prepared to receive some pretty intense feedback.

13 – Games Unite…
Star Trek… I almost feel like I can just leave it right there! So if you’re a Trekkie – it’s definitely worth checking out.

12 – There’s hope…
20% of relationships began online, and as you can see there is a site to match every possible personality. If you’re a salad lover, and interested in finding your salad soul mate – well you can do that too! Search for salad mate online, and connect with others who also prefer olive oil on their salad as opposed to Ranch dressing, or whatever suits your taste buds best.

11 – If I were a zombie…
I’d eat you the most. Zombie Passions is an online dating site targeted at zombies and zombie lovers. This is one first date that I would love to be a fly on the wall for. Perhaps they will order brain burgers for their main meal, what do you think?

10 – We complete each other…
This is one fetish that I struggle to understand, but it’s there and although not widely popular – at least there’s a place that caters for it. Diaper Mates is an online community, linking people who have an interest in adult diapers. There are video links, images and chat rooms – and hopefully someone will find their true love.

9 – Nothing can stand between us…
Except a few bars, and a few policemen… but even Women Behind Bars deserve a chance at finding true love. Hence, the womenbehindbars online dating site was created, because there’s nothing better than having a little extra excitement in a relationship.

8 – Those three little words…
And I’m not talking about I love you. I’m speaking about I have herpes. Don’t worry about it, just register on and meet others who share the same STD. It will sure help a lot before you get down and dirty with your partner.

7 – Life is better gluten free…
But boy can it be tricky when it’s just you eating gluten free and not your partner… so I’m sure this site is a winner! This gluten free dating site was said to be the best up and coming dating site.

6 – Take my breath away…
And I’m not talking about the love! This site is specifically designed for those that are, as they put it “green friendly”. Basically, it’s there to connect people who both enjoy getting high… I doubt that this will negatively affect sites like Tinder, or

5 – Clowning around…
This site says, everybody loves a clown, let a clown love you… clown dating is an actual thing, and it’s here that you can connect to others who share your passion for white face paint, big grins, red noses and multi-colored hair! I promise you, it’s no joke!

4 – Dress-UP Day…
Are you that person who never turns down an opportunity to dress up like an animal? Are you looking for someone who shares that passion? Called Furries, it’s a subculture which is basically animals with human characteristics or personalities. Think Zootopia. is where you need to go to right now to find your pawfect match.

3 – Love Hurts…
Are you frustrated at not being able to share your love with a fellow vampire? Fear no more… or fear more! Here is a site which guarantees you will hook up with a real vampire! It’s something to sink your teeth into!

2 – It’s in your blood…
Ninja enthusiasts, your areas is covered too! Ninja Passions understands that you need to find the right person who shares your enthusiasm about all things Ninja. So whether you’re an expert of a Ninja wannabe, you’ll find your match here!

1 – Keeping it hot!
It can be pretty frustrating taking a potential partner out on a date, and they give you the “I don’t eat spicy foods line.” You know right away it won’t work out… so hot sauce passions is the perfect site for you, as anyone registered on the site is going to share your love of anything hot and spicy!



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