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Most of us have taken a trip to the beach sometime in our lives, and we’re lucky enough to find a cool shell, or some kind of crab. But some people are extraordinarily lucky and find crazy things on the shores of the future. So grab your some sunscreen and a towel, because here are 20 strange things washed up on beaches!

1 Rubber Ducks
Rubber Ducks are a bathtime staple, but it’s definitely strange to find something like that on a beach. Well, in 1992, people around the world were scratching their heads as over 28,000 rubber ducks washed up on shores all around the major oceans. The cause was found to be a major shipment of rubber ducks that had had one of their crates slip into the ocean, releasing the rubber ducks into the wild. The ducks were abandoned in the middle of the Pacific Ocean while on a voyage from Hong Kong to the United States, and they’ve since shown up in far off places like South America, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, Scotland, Newfoundland, and the Atlantic. Some are even frozen in Arctic ice.

2 A giant lego figure
Lego figures are a commonplace item in any child’s house. They are usually recognizable by their small, yellow bodies. Most people have to watch out, for stepping on them can hurt. Well the residents of California were very surprised when a giant 8 foot tall – one hundred pound lego man washed up on their beach. The giant lego man, dubbed “Ego Leonard”, has washed up four times in different countries since 2007. One was recovered in the sea in the middle of the Netherlands, while another was found in the U.K. Next, one washed up in Florida and California. No one knows exactly why these mysterious lego men are appearing, but they have one eerie message etched on their feet. “I’m no more real than you are”. We have not found the creators of these lego men yet, and no one knows their true purpose.

3 Nike sneakers
Nike is one of the biggest shoe producers in the world, and their products are everywhere in the world. However, you wouldn’t expect them to wash up on a beach in the middle of nowhere. Well that’s what happened in 1990 when a shipment of Nike sneakers went overboard and spilled into the ocean. Since then, scientists have been using these same sneakers to track ocean currents throughout the world. The sneakers float for up to ten years, and people have been able to wear the ones that have floated for three years. So if you are ever short on cash and need a new pair, check out your local beach to find the sneakers, which have the famous serial number of 90 04 06.

4 Bananas
Bananas can be found in most grocery stores, but in two islands of the Dutch North islands, they found over a ton of bananas. Some of the natives used the still-ripe bananas, however, they were still left with an abundance of bananas. Some residents suggested that they donate them to the local zoo. But for these residents, collecting strange things from the ocean is an everday activity, as over two tons of litter reaches the island per day.

5 A giant eyeball
Giant monsters are the thing of bedtime stories and Pirates of the Caribbean movies, right? Well that may not be the case, because in 2012, a large, softball style eyeball washed up on a beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Locals had begun to panic or get excited when the local authorities, the FWC, reported that it belonged to a large, 1,400 pound swordfish. However, the eyeball retained some clear cut marks, and was entirely intact, which meant that some weird fisherman had carved it out before letting it wash out into the ocean.

6 Doritos
Doritos are a favorite snack of people across the globe, but apparently of the fish of the sea. In 2006, a shipment cargo of doritos overturned and fell into the ocean, where it washed up around the outer banks of North Carolina, where locals soon turned to a frenzy over the chips. The day was one to remember, with seagulls and people running across the beach, gorging themselves on thousands of bags of free Doritos. The federally protected beach was soon cleared of almost all of its delicious litter by the end of the day.

7 Rocketship fragments
Rocketships are made for the stars, but sometimes they don’t make it. Coupled with the fact that their boosters come off when the reach the edge of the atmosphere, there are multiple pieces of rockets from various countries in the ocean. The large pieces sometimes wash up on show, where the eager treasure hunter or space enthusiast can find them. Maybe if you are lucky, you can grab your metal detector and head down to the beach, and maybe get your own slice of space travel history.



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