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20 CREEPY and WEIRD Locations

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20 CREEPY and WEIRD Locations

From medieval zombie villages … to haunted castles and forests … Here are 20 weird and creepy locations!

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#8 Mutter Museum
Maybe the creepiest thing about the Mutter Museum is that all the artifacts there are documented from real life. You can find all sorts of unsettling oddities that will stick in you memory … and maybe give you a few nightmares later on! Found in Philadelphia, it emcopasses wax models, and various pathological and anatomical specimens. That includes a collection of nearly 140 skulls, along with the tallest human skeleton on display in North America at more than 7.5 feet. And if you’re into wet specimens, the museum will not disappoint. Enthusiasts will find nearly 1,500 such specimens on display … which include tumors and cysts from almost every organ of the human body.

#7 Kolmanskop
Founded in the 1900s, this city in the desert of Namibia was once home to German workers who arrived to make their fortune in the diamond mines. But by 1954, the city was abandoned as other, richer diamond deposits had been located. In the wake of the inhabitants exodus, the desert environment left houses and buildings knee deep in sand. The scenes of creepy desolation and abandonment have since made the area popular with tourists and professional photographers alike.

#6 Leap Castle, Ireland
The structure is recognized as one among the world’s most haunted castles. Did you know that in the 15th century, it was the site of a bloody attack when family members attacked each other. That might help account for some of the ghosts reported at Leap Castle. In addition, it’s believed that the ghosts of numerous people executed in the castle still haunt the edifice. In particular, a ghost referred to as “It” … which is said to have a decaying face and is about the size of a sheep. Other notable entities linked to the castle include the Elemental, and the Red Lady

#5 Bermuda Triangle
This one really needs no introduction … but we’re including it since it pretty much epitomizes the idea of a creepy location. The Devil’s Triangle comprises an area around half a billion square miles in the North Atlantic Ocean? It’s been the source of countless stories regarding UFOs, disappearing planes, ships, and people who were to to be seen again. Conspiracy theorists have noted that the US Coast Guard denies the existence of any such area?

#4 Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania
Found in Romania, the forest is said to contain the oldest neolithic settlement in the country, dated to around 6500 BCE. But the forest is much more recognized for the reports of paranormal activity that are said to occur there. Stories of UFO sightings, disappearing people,, ghostly apparitions, and electronics that suddenly stop operating have been reported. So it’s no wonder that this forest has gained a reputation for being the Bermuda Triangle of Romania.

#3 The Suicide Forest
Another location in the woods. The name of this one sounds creepy enough as it is, right? Comprising about 12 square miles, the Suicide forest is found in Japan at the base of Mt Fuji. Although, you may not really want to find this place. The forest has a strong connection to ghosts … and has gained a reputation as the most popular suicide spot in the country … as well as in the world. The forest has a strong connection with the other side … and it’s said that more than 100 suicides have been documented there within a year.

#2 Village of Zombies
Did some sort of supernatural drama play out ages ago in Yorkshire, in the UK? Researchers examining a find at the medieval village of Wharram Percy claim to have skeletons buried with unusual mutilations. Those included skeletons with their thigh bones snapped in two, and their heads being chopped off before they were burned. In all, ten of the ravaged skeletons were discovered. And experts think it had to do with medieval villagers hacking apart the skeletons in the belief that the corpses might return as the undead. Writings dating to the 11th century on have described beings known as ‘revenants’ … restless corpses that would become restless in their graves after a lifetime of malfeasance. It was believed these revenants would escape their grave, spread disease and attack the living. Experts in Yorkshire say that the dismembered corpses are the best archaeological evidence yet that villagers may have indulged in this practice to keep their society zombie free.




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