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19 CREEPIEST Abandoned Hospitals

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19 CREEPIEST Abandoned Hospitals

Hospitals are not the greatest of places at the best of times, so imagine those that have been abandoned and left to rot over the course of time. Asylums that housed those that should have been looked after with love and care as opposed to being locked up to live the rest of their days under inhumane circumstances and hospitals that did experiments on POW’s with stories that would make your skin crawl.

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8 – Trenton State Hospital…
I mentioned earlier that there was already an asylum in New Jersey that was over-crowded, hence they built Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. It was the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum, later known as Trenton Psychiatric Hospital. This hospital had a very dodgy past. Dr. Henry Cotton was the director of the hospital from 1907 and he believed that infections caused mental illnesses. He would end up removing any appendage that was infected. The hospital was like a house of horrors, and he removed things like ovaries, testicles, stomachs and uteruses without the permission of the patient or their family. And would you believe that tooth pulling remained in practice up until 1960!

7 – Waverly Hills Sanatorium…
Originally opened in 1910, this hospital was built to house tuberculosis patients. There were 63,000 who didn’t survive their time in Waverly, and their treatments were horrifying. They inserted balloons into patient’s chests to try inflate their lungs, they removed ribs to more space to try make breathing easier and also removed muscle tissue hoping for the same results. Bodies left the building down a body chute, and even a couple of healthy staff members took their own lives. Several apparitions have been reported over the years.

6 – Lennox Castle Hospital…
Built in the 1830’s, this is Scotland’s Lennox Castle Hospital. In 1936 it became an infamous psychiatric hospital. The hospital started off well, but over time became over crowded, under funded and understaffed. The staff allegedly tried their best, but one doctor described it as a “pit” and that he was “sick to the stomach about the plight of these poor people”. Punishment was dealt out harshly, and patient’s who forgot to address someone as “Sir” had to do laps around the castle barefoot! It closed in 2002 and is now a training ground for the Celtic Football Club.

5 – Hartwood Hospital…
Here’s another 19th century abandoned psychiatric hospital in Scotland called Hardwood Hospital. It opened in 1895 and was completely self-sustaining. Some treatments included seclusion, electroconvulsive therapy and lobotomy’s. It was the biggest asylum in Europe during the 50’s and also struggled with over-crowding. It shut its doors in 1998, but was used for other purposes since then, however the last report suggests it has been closed and abandoned since 2002.

4 – Lier Sykehus…
It was 1926 when Lier Sykehus opened its doors in Lier, Norway. This mental asylum is said to be one of the most haunted spots in Norway. It’s been left empty since 1985, but there are some stories of ghosts, shadows and noises that still linger. Between 1945 and 1974 it’s alleged that new drug testing took place on patients that pharmacy companies didn’t even want to test on animals… but a lot of the stories could just be folklore. There is a part of the building that is still home to some patients.

3 – Poveglia Island…
Here’s an entire Island that has been deserted, that once served as quarantine for black plague victims. Considered one of the most haunted places in Italy, this island prohibits any visitors. A mental hospital opened in 1922 and due to the island being so isolated, the rumours that came from that place were pretty horrific. There’s a story about a certain doctor who worked there in the early 20th century who used hammers, chisels, and drills and no anesthesia to perform lobotomies. The screams of patients were so loud, they could be heard from across the island! Some believe he went insane himself, and that he threw himself off the bell tower. The hospital operated until 1968.

2 – Stranger Things…
If you’ve ever watched the series Stranger Things, this abandoned hospital looks a lot like Hawkins Lab. We don’t know the name of this place, perhaps they don’t want people heading there, but it’s located in California and a couple of guys went to check it out. They’ve uploaded their video on YouTube, they’re called The Proper People, and what they found most disturbing was that the lights were still on. As some commentators have pointed out, it’s probably the back-up generators. But surely even those would have been switched off if the building was empty? There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions about this eerie spot!




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