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16 Most TERRIFYING Creatures on Planet Earth

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16 Most TERRIFYING Creatures on Planet Earth

Halloween time is approaching some get ready for some creepy stuff. It’s not always the appearance of an animal that can be terrifying. Their strange behavior and overall ability to do some unimaginable things will help them make our list.

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7. Scorpion
In the US these are most commonly found in the southwest states. Scorpion stings can be extremely painful but are relatively harmless to humans. Some are able to kill but those are rare and not located in the United States, thankfully. When exposed to certain wavelengths, some scorpions produce a vibrant green light that’s quite incredible like you see in this photo.

6. Centipedes and Millipedes
If you’ve seen the horror film, the human centipede, you probably know why this one is on the list. Existence of these creatures date back to some 550 million years ago and some would consider them to be the “mother of all bugs”. These crawled around earth way before fish, plants, which would lead you to believe they just basically cannibalized each other! Any creature that cannibalizes survives off of meat of the same species, you would have to believe it won’t be too pretty.. Yes, if you put two centipedes in the same closed container, one of their first instincts is to try to eat each other and it’s not pretty. Eventually when other animals began to develop they’d eat those too. These things are just brutal predators and will try to hunt anything from bats, lizards, mice or whatever it comes into contact with. Check some videos online for some brutal centipede attacks if you want to see the oldest bug do some work! There’s also quite a bit of evidence to suggest that they grew to be about 6 feet long millions of years ago!

5. Piranhas
A piranha is also something you really don’t want to get bit by. The jaws are quite powerful considering the size of the fish, but the razor sharp teeth are what will normally do the damage. Be careful what body of water you decide to go swimming in. The bite of a Piranha measures at 70 pounds of force at the tip of its teeth. This means that Piranha’s bite force is 20 times its body weight. The great white’s bite force matches its own weight. Native to the Amazon River, these carnivorous fish are known for ripping apart the flesh of anything it comes into contact with. So this fish packs a lot of punch or its size. In this video, you can see how fast the fish reacts and how easily his sharp teeth bite through a twig.

4. Black Widows
a black widow will use its venomous bite to inflict serious pain upon unsuspecting victims.. They are identified with an eery hourglass-shaped red marking on the abdomen. First one will notice, anxiety, cdifficulty breathing, very painful muscle cramps, increased saliva and other uncomfortable side effects. Bites are not aggressive from these creatures, and it only happens to humans out of self-defense. Animals that are at most risk of a black widow bite are at most risk bite a male black widows. These spiders are into some kinky stuff. She doesn’t just give her mating partner a little nibble on the neck, this crazy spider will cannibalize the father of her estimated 200-900 babies. We should also mention that the baby spiders are also cannibals and will eat their siblings.

3. The Saltwater Crocodile
A saltwater croc has the strongest bite ever measured on a living animal. You definitely would not want to be in the water with one of these guys. Measuring 17 feet long and weighing 1000 pounds, this is also the largest terrestrial predator. So it’s something you don’t want to mess it. This is an apex predator meaning no other animal would dare trying to eat it. Mostly inhabiting the Southeast Pacific and Northern region in Australia, this is probably the closest thing we’re going to get to a living dinosaur. Certainly, dinosaurs had some deadly bites. In 2007, the saltwater croc was tranquilized and still managed to bite off an arm of a Taiwanese Zookeeper. The arm was eventually reattached, but this guy’s got the meanest bite, hands down.

2. Flatworm Parasites
It’s not exactly the creatures themselves that are horrifying, it’s the type of creatures they can creature which will send chills down your spine! You may think this frog was living next to a nuclear power plant. But this horrendous creature is actually a victim of a parasite known as Ribeiroia and is naturally occurring in nature. These worms infect the frog while it’s still a tadpole and connects to the tissue that will form into the frog’s legs. Once these extra legs begin to grow, it severely immobilizes it making it an easy target for a predator. The parasite dies in the stomach of whatever eats it. The eggs however stay alive and remains in the dropping, ready to wreak havoc on its next victim. Could something like this, cause the next zombie apocalypse?

1. The Lamprey
This strange looking creature has been dubbed an alien species by marine biologist



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