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11 Secrets Hidden in Famous Monuments

Secret Places

11 Secrets Hidden in Famous Monuments

These monuments and famous monumental buildings all have secrets hidden in them. Some secrets are darker than other secrets but they are all fascinating!

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Secrets in monuments

Tourist attractions draw crowds from all over the world, but sometimes these structures have more going on than meets the eye. Coming up… hidden rooms, dangerous balconies, underground railways and more. Join us as we explore some of the biggest secrets hidden in monuments!

In the days before high tech security cameras, it was still important for the police to watch would-be criminals, especially near important tourist attractions.

As far as monuments go, the gigantic heads of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt make for a pretty memorable scene. Mt Rushmore, in South Dakota, is probably the most recognizable landmark in the US, but few people know about the secret going on behind the minds of these great men.

Decaying Ballroom
Some famous buildings are very practical, but being used by the masses doesn’t mean you don’t have some weird secrets. The Flinders St station in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the busiest and most beautiful train stations in the country.

Empire State
Views of New York City are widely sought after, and there’s probably no better place than the iconic Empire State building. This magnificent structure has two viewing decks, one on the eighty sixth floor with a balcony overlooking Manhattan, and one on the one hundred and second floor where windows allow a higher view to the horizon.

Eiffel Tower
If you’re in Paris, the odds are pretty good you’ll want a shot with the Eiffel Tower. While this artistic collection of beams is constantly in the public eye, it has a secret that few people know about.

Crystal Palace
Few of the mysteries on this list have a hidden space for drug-fueled dance parties, but the Crystal Palace in London was just an intense place.

When you think of magnificent elegance and beauty, a room you might not think of is a hallway.

Grand Central
After a long day of sitting around at an office, sometimes the best thing to do is to get a bit of physical activity under your belt.

Possibly the most famous hotel in America, the Waldorf Astoria in New York, is a wonderfully built and magnificent looking tourist attraction, even if you can’t afford to stay there.

When you’re a brilliant inventor and the subject of a series of intricate secrecy novels, there’s a good chance a statue of you will deliver more than it promises.

Statue of Liberty
This list spends a fair bit of time in New York, but the city’s got a lot of important and beautiful attractions. The Statue of Liberty is an enormous and incredibly specific American landmark that has been drawing in tourists to Liberty Island since its completion in 1886.



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